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To  SpeakinPeeps.com   The internet home to voice over artists

Paul and Jody Florkewicz

When you consider a voiceover actor for your project, where do you start?   The voice you choose could very well define your brand identity.

It is that important.

Paul and Jody Florkewicz of SpeakinPeeps VoiceOvers are fully aware of the critical nature of your project.

We have no egos with regard to our voiceovers: if you're not happy, we're not happy- period. We realize our voices may not ultimately be right for your project.

That's ok. We really won't be insulted.

But, we believe you owe it to yourself to be confident in the choice you make, of a voiceover actor who represents your brand.  We believe we offer world-class voiceovers, but the bottom line (for us, anyway) is the satisfaction of our clients.

Our focus is your focus.

We at SpeakinPeeps VoiceOvers  understand that just as different voiceover projects require different reads, different clients have different needs. Whether you “dig” our voices, or just want to be pampered by our impeccable client service, we're here for you.

Your prospective voice actor may have the "voice of God", but if you feel like you're making a "deal with the Devil", you're finished before you start!

We pride ourselves on being able to take direction from our clients. We strive to find just the right vocal "feel" you're looking for in your voiceover project. From warm-and-fuzzy, to cold-hard factual, to the neighbor chatting over a cup of coffee, the feel is the deal. 

Paul and Jody Florkewicz of SpeakinPeeps Voiceovers get it.

Our demos should give you a pretty good idea of our range. Give 'em a listen.

If you wish to download any, just “control+click” (or right-click) and save to your chosen location. (you can give them a name you like too, as our site-host file name is a little nebulous)

Our demos are available on this home page.  And the source project files are available on Paul and Jody's individual pages, depending on whose projects you're interested in (these files should give you a good idea of our production capabilities)

We hope you enjoy your visit, and thank you for your time checking out our work......  But most of all, we look forward to the possibility of working with you on your next project, and making some new friends!

SpeakinPeeps Voice Overs