Jody and Paul Florkewicz are a couple of star-crossed lovers, who love voiceover acting almost as much as each other!

Paul's ridiculously checkered background includes over a decade as a Technical Engineer in one of New York City's premier Post Production recording studios, working shoulder-to-shoulder each day, with some of the greatest voiceover artists of the day.

Jody's some-what mysterious history encompasses working more time than she cares to admit, (although, times she would never willingly forget) also in New York City, in the marketing division, at the corporate headquarters of one of the world's largest fashion and cosmetics firms. (ever seen “The Devil Wears Prada”?...... you get the idea!)

At that time, both Jody and Paul lived in North Jersey in different towns, and yet miraculously commuted to Manhattan on the same bus line and route each and every day!

One fateful morning, Jody boarded the #33, and as the sun seared through the clouds, immediately caught the eye of Paul. (tis true, the heart wants what the heart wants! Not to mention her cute little jean-skirt!) At this moment, there was little doubt in Paul's mind and heart, that their destiny’s would indeed intertwine.

Weeks passed as Paul awaited yet another sighting of the women his heart told him he must meet....... (these days, some might classify his conduct as stalking, 20 years ago, it was romantic)

Finally, late one evening, (thanks to Paul's insane hours at the voiceover production studio, and Jody's after work ice skating lessons) on the last #33 bus out of Manhattan that night, the Gods provided one opportunity.......

Paul, would not need another!

When they sat together and spoke for the first time ever, that evening, the very fabric of space and time were forever altered.

The fate of the universe was sealed, when Jody produced a Farside cartoon from her pocket and shared it with Paul.

This particular cartoon, it seems, was only truly appreciated and fully understood, by three people on planet Earth: the author Gary Larson,........... Jody,..........and Paul!

This singular and seemingly (to others) insignificant event, was simultaneously recognized by Paul and Jody for the true fundamental commonality of character it represented....... the planets had aligned! (this actual cartoon, to this day, hangs framed in Paul and Jody’s home)

Now that they have found each other, as is said: with time comes knowledge, they have discovered a mutual affinity for voiceovers, marketing, and client service, and they have become a virtually unstoppable team.

So darn cute and talented, you know you have to have them for your next project!

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