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After working in NYC for many years in the merchandizing division of one of the top 5 cosmetic companies in the world, I know a thing or two about marketing, and helping clients determine their true objectives.

And about maintaining high standards.

About the importance of branding, and delivering a quality product, each and every time. (and about avoiding the deepest, slushiest puddles before stepping off the curb....... but that's another story.)

I've since moved on from that great metropolis, and have gone after a quieter, simpler life.

As the former “Voice of the Saints” in our local high school, where I broadcasted to hundreds of students, teachers and administrators each day, keeping them informed, encouraged, and sometimes even entertained, I developed a vocal repertoire that I consider uniquely my own.

As one half (the better half?) of the SpeakinPeeps team, I promise to deliver you, my client, my very best voiceover work.

To loosely paraphrase a famous hairstylist, 'If you look good........ we look good'.

In other words, if you choose SpeakinPeeps for your voice over work, my voice is your voice – my reputation is your reputation, and you might be pleasantly surprised by just how good we can look together!

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