Yep, we're small . . . . . . . . . . But, mighty!

Two people in a redesigned space, dedicated to producing highly competitive, world-class voiceovers, creating elated clients, and nurturing long-term relationships.

Our recording space is well-isolated and treated, for a quiet and neutral response.

In as much as I am an amateur musician, who enjoys recording his own material, I have installed bass-traps, and diffusion panels at strategic locations throughout the recording space, and used a calibrated mic (Dayton Audio EMM-6) along with an acoustic analysis program called “Room EQ Wizard” (REW) to tune the space as best as possible. (granted, this is not all necessary for voiceover work, but I figured 'why not kill two birds with one sheet of RokWool?')

AC mains are transformer isolated and stabilized.  An isolated ground is used exclusively for all audio equipment (yes, I physically drove down a solid-copper ground rod) which means our noise-floor is beyond concern, with no ground loops. (star-ground, for those interested)

Our DAW has an unlimited number of tracks, an extensive library of VST effects plugins, and can render to virtually any output file format desired. (plus, I actually know how to use it!)

The voiceover recording space does double duty as the control room, thus I have remotely located all the noise-producing electronics (PC-CPU's, toroidal transformers, etc) to locations outside of this space.

We feature both solid-state, and tube mic pre-amps, to address your preferences.

Our Mic selection ranges from the ubiquitous Sure SM-58 dynamic, to the venerable, "worlds quietest mic" the Rode-NT1A, large diaphragm condenser.

We have a fairly extensive sound fx library, as well as source-music.

Our monitoring system is comprised of Alesis M1Active-520 near-fields, with Altec-Lansing “real world” alts, and a custom-made, mono-cube for content balance reference.

Networking is via DSL. Speeds measured at 720Kbps down / 410Kbps up / 45ms latency.

We are basically a full-service facility which can offer everything from raw, untreated, voice only files, to fully produced, sweetened, broadcast ready spots.

So waddaya need? Let's talk!

SpeakinPeeps Voice Overs

The SpeakinPeeps Facility