In the morning I'm deep and growly. In the evening, a little silky.

In my early years, I used to sing in a middle-of-the-road rock band in the North Jersey-NYC club circuit, (the MYX for those of you who may remember us from the the mid- 80's....... I think, we still have some 45's for sale!) and learned an amazing amount about about how to use my voice. (and dodge flying glassware!)

Later, as a Technical Engineer in the NYC post-production recording industry, I learned way too much about recording.

I say this because it made me a perfectionist about my audio chain. (my wife calls it OCD, but either way, it's to your advantage!)

I was in the recording studio industry during the years of the great analog to digital conversion. In fact, my studio took delivery of the very first Sony 3348 (48 track digital multitrack recorder) in NYC. As a result, we became quite popular for a wide variety of projects, ranging from commercial post-production voiceovers, to feature-length motion picture soundtracks.

These were melancholy years as they were very exciting, but the digital revolution marked the death of the big-ticket project studio. The very technology I use today in my voiceover production facility, made it unnecessary for people to utilize high-dollar production studios.

But ultimately, the market wins.

Clients in need of voiceovers can now receive very high-quality projects, at very competitive prices. I can generate a voiceover audio file in my modest facility, that 20-odd years ago required a $750,000 SSL console, a $250,000 Sony 3348, and 10's-of-thousands of dollars worth of outboard gear.

And I must admit, I like that, because it gives me control of my voiceover projects quality.

I'm a bit of a nudge in that I love hearing myself recorded very cleanly, really stretching my vocal comfort-zone!

It's really fun to listen to the playback and think: "dang…. that sounds good!" (and it's really fun when my clients think so too!)

Auditioning is fun.

Even if I don't get the gig, I get to try new stuff. That's how we grow.

If you kinda like my demos, but aren't sure, shoot me some copy and some direction, and let me see what I can do with it.

We may both end up with big grins!



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